Forgo The Electronics This Christmas And Create A Craft Box For Kids Instead

The earlier you get organized with Christmas presents, the less you will have to fight the store crowds during December. Many popular toys for children incorporate electronics or robotics, but it is time to go against this trend to teach the children in your life the joy of completing a craft project from scratch. One way you can encourage their creativity is to put together a busy hands craft box as a Christmas gift, and it will give them something to do during the upcoming summer holidays. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to putting this together.

Why Are Crafts Important?

It is important the art of crafting is not passed over for electronic toys as crafting plays a big part in the development of a child. There are three major skills a child will learn while doing their crafts:

  1. Patience. Whether it is waiting for the glue to dry, or the paint, when a child has to stop and wait they learn the art of patience.
  2. Fine motor coordination is taught when the child uses scissor to cut shapes, or when they draw different shapes. These skills are then needed for dressing themselves, and eating using utensils.
  3. Interaction with others is a valuable tool when a child does their crafts with friends or family members. Learning how to share, how to have fun, and how to trade ideas are all experienced when crafting in a group.

Now you know why it is important, you can move on to how to create a busy hands craft box for kids.

What Craft Supplies Are Needed?

When it comes to putting together your craft box, this is where your own imagination will come into play. All you need is a box to put the supplies in, and a budget of how much you want to spend at the craft store.

When it comes to the box, you can use anything from an old shoe box you have decorated with paper to a lidded plastic box. There are a couple of things to keep in mind about the craft supplies while you are filling the box:

  • Obviously, the supplies need to be age appropriate. For example, scissors for young children must be child-safe (which means they are not sharp enough to cut skin if mishandled.)
  • Glue should be non-toxic, and markers should be washable (in case the recipient decides to go Picasso on a wall.)

A visit to your craft supplies store will open up a whole world of coloured pom pom balls, pipe cleaners, glitters and glue that can be placed in a box. If you want to take it one step further, you can find specific crafts for all ages on social media sites. Print out the craft instructions, pair those up with the craft supplies needed, and a holiday craft is all ready for the making. This then puts another tick on your Christmas gift shopping list, and for a change it is not one that needs batteries.